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Greetings from the Edge....

Updated: May 1, 2023

Welcome to Dorothysbook. My name is Dora, my friends and family call me Dottie, which as you know is short for Dorothy and no, I have no idea where Toto is. I am an avid reader of books based on scientific subjects, and biographies of famous and infamous people. It makes me feel better about my life choices. I enjoy creating interesting characters and putting them in situations I've never been in, or places I've never been too, creating a problem then solving it with a happy ending. I don't believe in no win scenario. There is always a way to win, if you accept the win is worth the sacrifice. Please treat yourself to a copy of The Pyramid Scheme. The Pyramid Scheme is about what happens when you're rich enough to buy justice. or revenge. Thank you for visiting Dorothysbook, I look forward to entertaining you again.

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