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Greetings from the Edge....

Updated: May 1, 2023

Welcome to Dorothysbook. My name is Dora, my friends and family call me Dottie, which as you know is short for Dorothy and no, I have no idea where Toto is. I am an avid reader of books based on scientific subjects, and biographies of famous and infamous people. It makes me feel better about my life choices. I enjoy creating interesting characters and putting them in situations I've never been in, or places I've never been too, creating a problem then solving it with a happy ending. I don't believe in no win scenario. There is always a way to win, if you accept the win is worth the sacrifice. Please treat yourself to a copy of The Pyramid Scheme. The Pyramid Scheme is about what happens when you're rich enough to buy justice. or revenge. Thank you for visiting Dorothysbook, I look forward to entertaining you again.

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Dorothys Book
Dorothys Book
Jun 21, 2023

Yes, that's correct I comment on my posts. Its like talking to yourself, and I mean, why not, youre the most interesting person you know. you like the same thing, have the same belief system, same politics, and same ideas about duty, honor and fairness. There is one tiny little caveat we both like having the last word.

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